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Business Coaching

Increase your personal income and reach financial freedom.

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1:1 Coaching

I can help you to raise your game and master a new skill? I will work with you on your particular areas of strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfill your potential.

Group Coaching

I organise group sessions with fellow business owners where we help and support each other’s growing business ideas.

Online Training

Weekly online training to coach and inspire you to build your skills and advance your career.


Practical tools and techniques in order to help business owners build long-term success.

Control Your Own Destiny 

Controlling your own destiny financially is a goal most of us desire – it makes almost anything you want in life possible. If your job or career isn’t taking you where you want to go, Forever Living Products offers a great opportunity to change your course.

Award Winning Training And Support 

We provide a professional and easy way to build your own business on a part-time basis working alongside existing commitments or you may decide to build a full-time role as your income increases

What Is The Process Like?

If you recognize the potential in the business opportunity or just want to find out more information then please get in touch. There is no obligation and we can arrange to discuss the opportunity further.

We shall simply provide you with the facts; it will then be up to you to decide whether this is the right opportunity for you. If you do join, you will receive all the training and support necessary to help you create the future you want and to achieve your dreams.

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Forever is so confident in the quality of its products that we offer a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

About Me

Marion Fitzgerald is an International Business Coach.

Having started her business over 20 years ago she has helped many people increase their personal income, lead them to the road of success and helped people to create the lifestyle they deserve.

Marion’s business has thrived and grown from strength to strength.

Using her experience and expertise Marion will help coach and mentor you and provide you with full training and support that will help you take control of your life and create a future that offers you and your family financial security and freedom.


I am very fortunate to have Marion as my mentor in my Forever business. I met her very much by accident about a year and a half ago, but since then, Marion has coached and helped me develop a brilliant business.

At no time do I feel left on my own as Marion is always at the other end of the phone to advise, help, support and encourage me.

Tina Keown

I have known Marion for the last 4 years.. she is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever met . she has coached and mentored me every step of the way helping me to achieve much more than I ever imagined was possible. She is knowledgeable, energetic, kind, caring and I am grateful for the inspiration and motivation she has given to me and my team. I want to do justice to everything that you are and have been for me and the team.
Carol Keyes

I’ve been working alongside Marion for the past 5 years and it’s been such a pleasure. Having been self-employed for years I feel I have now become a part of a team.

This support has been second to none and has made my journey a fulfilling pleasure. Marion Fitzgerald you are amazing and thank you so much for everything you do for me
and my team.

Martina Heffernan

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