If you know anything about Forever Living, you will know that we have been supplying customers around the world with natural, nutritious aloe vera for many years. The Forever Living formula of excellent products coupled with first class customer service through our unrivalled network of consultants around the world has meant that for 40 years we’ve been helping people live healthier lives.

Over that forty-year period, our Forever Aloe Vera Gel has remained our constant best-seller. It might surprise you then to know that this year, we have released a new-look Aloe Vera Gel. At Forever Living we’re committed to supplying our customers with the best of the best and we’ve been around long enough to know that consistent improvements ensure long-term success.

So, what’s new about Forever’s new look Aloe Vera Gel?

There’s a number of key areas that have been improved upon in this version of the aloe vera gel products. The one that is most likely to catch your eye is our new packaging.

Recyclable Packaging

Forever Living are committed to playing our part in protecting the environment. For this reason, our best-selling products now come in a container which is widely recyclable.

Not only is our new look Aloe Vera Gel packaging better for the environment, but it also keeps your aloe vera gel fresh. The vacuum-packed tetra packed containers keep light out so that you can enjoy your aloe vera gel for longer.

Improved Processing Times

We have also improved our processing times for our aloe vera gel. Forever Living grows all its aloe vera on farms owned by the company in Texas and in the Dominican Republic. As the farms are owned by the company they have been chosen specifically for their perfect soil content and impeccable weather, which is ideal to help our aloe vera plants grow to their full potential.

Once the fully mature leaves are hand-picked, they are swiftly transported to our state of the art processing facility where they are washed and hand cut. The hand-cutting means that we get every bit of goodness found at the centre of the leaves.

Next, the aloe vera undergoes some pretty tough quality checks so that Forever Living can be confident in the excellence of their product. Finally, the aloe vera is pH balanced. This whole process from the plant to pure aloe extraction used to take eight hours in total. That’s pretty good. But when you’re working with fresh produce every minute counts and that’s why it’s great news that our processing times are now just six hours!

Unaltered & Fresh

Once we have done the hard work in extracting the nutritious aloe vera gel from the plant, the aloe is heat treated to keep it at this freshness level. The flash heating that Forever uses exposes the aloe vera gel to heat up to 70 degrees for just 15 seconds. This treatment doesn’t harm the aloe vera and means that no added preservatives are necessary. So that you get the freshest, most natural aloe vera gel available on the market which has a shelf life of two years!

Still as Nutritious as Ever

The Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel is still as nutritious as ever. There’s good reason that it has been a best seller for forty years. If you haven’t tried Forever Aloe Vera Gel, why not give it a go now? All you do is take 120 ml each morning to enjoy the many benefits of this succulent plant which Cleopatra herself was said to be very fond of.

Aloe Vera in gel form is easily absorbed and can support skin health, helping to address any skin concerns including dryness and irritations. It also helps the skin from within helping it to glow with health.

Aloe Vera in gel form is also an excellent digestive aid. If you have any stomach problems, aloe vera is sure to help ease the symptoms. It is great for gastrointestinal health and supports your tummy’s processes from the inside keeping you happy and healthy all day long.

Forever Aloe Vera Gel also contains Vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant and can help support the immune system, particularly important as we head back into the winter months. Vitamin C can also help to reduce fatigue, and this goes for skin fatigue too. So, not only will you not feel as tired, but you won’t look it either!

If you’re interested in trying out the Forever Aloe Vera Gel, please feel free to contact me, Marion Fitzgerald, and I’ll be delighted to speak with you about it.