Finding a skincare regime that works for you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many products on the market, the choice is dazzling when you enter a shop looking for the right product to support your skin’s needs. That’s why I’m delighted to be able to offer the Infinite by Forever skincare range to my customers.

Infinite by Forever is a skincare range which focuses on natural elements which can help boost your skin’s vitality without weighing it down with heavy oils or saturating it with synthetic perfumes. Like most skincare regimes, Infinite by Forever works best when all of the products are used together. This is because the benefits of one work hand in hand with the benefits of the other to ensure an overall boost in vitality.

There are four elements in the Infinite by Forever skincare range. These are:

Firming Complex

Start your day off right with this firming complex, a dietary supplement which provides you with the necessary ingredients to maintain a healthy glow from the inside out. Two of these small tablets should be taken each morning with a glass of water. They include biotin, otherwise known as vitamin B7 (60% of your Recommended Daily Allowance), Vitamin C (112% of your RDA) and the Infinite special blend of skin firming nutrients – marine collagen, wheat phytoceramides and French melon fruit juice concentrate.

Collagen is one of the key building blocks of our skin. A natural fibrous protein, it actually makes up about one-third of the proteins found in our bodies. However, as we age collagen production reduces which can mean that our skin doesn’t look as plump and fresh as it once did. The collagen is included in the Infinite by Forever skincare regime in the form of a supplement because the chemical composition of collagen is thought to be too big to be able to be absorbed through the skin. By taking collagen orally you can restore your skin’s natural elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The phytoceramides found in wheat are great at restoring our skins natural ceramides which play a vital role in maintaining optimal skin hydration levels. By taking these phytoceramides in supplement form, you give your skin a greater chance to keep that water you are so conscientious about drinking a chance to stay in your skin. The Infinite skincare range has included the phytoceramides without the gluten associated with wheat, so there’s no need for concern if you or your loved ones are intolerant to gluten.

French melon is rich in antioxidants which help to protect the skin from daily stressors which can age us ahead of time.

Vitamin B7 plays a key role in the production of skin, hair and nail cells. Again, it is another nutrient which is often applied to the skin topically but is much more effective when taken orally. Finally, Vitamin C is included in this potent supplement to reduce fatigue and to support the body in its natural collagen production. Taken together this blend of nutrients helps keep your skin awake, vibrant, plump and firm. They may be small tablets, but they certainly do pack a punch!

Hydrating Cleanser

We all need a hard-working cleanser that leaves our skin feeling clean and refreshed without any dried out feeling. This is where the hydrating cleanser comes in. With a milky texture, this cleanser glides on easily helping to lift make-up and other debris from the skin while providing a moisture boost also.

For best results, apply the Infinite by Forever hydrating cleanser to the skin with wet fingers, massage in a circular motion and then rinse clean to reveal fresh, hydrated skin. With extracts of apple and apple amino acids for hydration, sunflower oil, a rich source of linoleic acid, which is plumping and hydrating, and vitamin E, a rich source of antioxidants, this cleanser protects your skin while cleaning it too.

Firming Serum

This is one of my favourite elements of the Infinite skincare range. You may have noticed in recent years many brands are releasing serums which are actually more like a cream. I like my serum to be a serum and this one certainly is that. The Infinite by Forever Firming serum is clear in colour and fragrance-free, it’s simply packed with all the ingredients necessary to help your skin and nothing else. The serum is built on an aloe vera base, providing a soothing, moisturising effect. The power of the aloe vera is boosted with peptides to firm the skin and reduce fine lines and hydrolysed sodium hyaluronate, which helps the aloe vera to deliver its maximum benefits to your skin. Finally, yeast extracts support the natural production of collagen, while whey protein gives your skin extra firmness. One pump of this non-sticky serum each morning can help to give your skin a beautiful glow.

Restoring Crème

Last but not least, comes the restoring moisturising crème. What I like about this moisturiser is that even after applying your serum, your skin doesn’t feel weighed down by this cream. It is light, non-greasy and fragrance-free, which is great for delicate skin types. Again, this cream is built on an aloe vera base but has a complete arsenal of powerful nutrients to help support natural skin production. There are plant and vegetable extracts, beeswax and a blend of essential oils which work together to keep your skin fresh and revitalised.

I have been using the Infinite by Forever skincare range for some time now and am enjoying the fact that I don’t feel the need to change up my routine. I can feel that my skin is getting everything it needs from this select range of products and when I do my part by feeding my body well and drinking plenty of water, my skin feels as good as it has in years.

If you’re interested in the Infinite by Forever Skincare range, please feel free to contact me here and I’ll be delighted to speak with you about it.